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Week4journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Week4journal - Assignment Example The growth of industries in the North led to over-reliance to the southerners for the delivery of raw materials. There was an increasing raw material demand from the industries in the north. Cotton was among the main source of raw materials that produced in the south for industries at the north. Since the landowners in the south had a quest of more revenue, they demanded slaves to work for them. Slavery, therefore, became common in the south and deprived the lives of many people. They work in the cotton plantations for many hours without returns. Since the Northern depended so much to the south for the survival of their industries, they opted to control the southerners by making their colony. They moved in and grabbed the southerners’ land. They began to produce raw materials in large scale. Taking away their land meant that the southerners had to work hard to earn an income from the plantations. These aspect of the southerners working in the firms belonging to them but now controlled by the northerners led to colonialism and slavery within America. The demand for equality by the southerners began to grow in the nineteenth century. Slavery was facing hard times and the Africans who were taken to America as slaves were requesting for their rights (Gaston). Their demand for equal rights as the whites led to numerous strikes. Since the northerners and the owners of the plantations in the south wanted to proceed with their business, they allowed the freed slave in the south. Therefore, the development of the industries in the north improved the lively hood of the southerners by giving them a chance to live free and make their judgements. The end of the slave business resulted to states for the southerners. These states became homes to freed slaves (Ayers). They gained their independence and could live a life like their masters. They governed themselves and enjoyed some rights to own property from their

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Managing for future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Managing for future - Essay Example The management approach of a company differs as per the objectives and intention, but the principal aim is to ensure smooth business transaction and streamlining of the process. In the similar way, the capability of the management of a company holds utmost importance in the process of managing and dealing with the several business challenges. In order, to highlight the importance of managerial capabilities of an organization, this study intends to refer to a real life company. The company chosen in this context is Vodafone. This study therefore seeks to shed light on the management approach and style of Vodafone pertaining to its business environment and business operation. The areas that will be focused upon in this project are corporate social responsibility of the company, sustainability programs being initiated by the company and also the company’s ability to deal with crisis and catastrophe events. The paper will at first present a brief synopsis of Vodafone and short des criptions pertaining to the concepts associated with the subject of concern. Furthermore, the study will also enlighten the efforts put in by the management of the company in the timeframe 2007-2013. Lastly, the study will analyse the competence of Vodafone in these three chosen fields of business by comparing with the current level of proficiency and would develop a scenario of the future in which Vodafone will function. The definition of the key concepts associated with the study will be presented after the brief overview of the company. In light of these concepts, critical review of the current achievements of the company and theoretical models will be presented in a detailed manner. Vodafone: A Brief Overview Vodafone Group plc or commonly known as Vodafone is a UK based telecommunication company involved in telecommunication business. The company was incorporated in the year 1991. Prior to that, Vodafone was known as Racal Telecom, but in the year 1991 only, Vodafone became a n ew identity and was founded in Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom. The company is presently headquartered at London, UK. In terms of the overall revenue and number of subscribers, the company is the 2nd largest mobile telecommunication company of the world. Globally, the pole position has been held by China Mobile. Vodafone has presence in 30 countries of the world and operates with partner networks in around 40 nations. As of 2012, the company employs around 86,400 people (Vodafone, 2012a). The best selling products of the company are mobile telephony, fixed line, and digital television and internet services. However, in the recent past the company has also made tie-ups with mobile phone manufacturers to sell mobile phones under the brand name of Vodafone. The company mainly operates with exclusive retail distribution and exclusive company owned stores. Nevertheless, the advent of technology and stringent competition levels has compelled the company to make their presence online. T hrough their online stores, the company sell their products; allow users to pay their bills etc. Some of the major competitors of the company are 3 mobile, Airtel, France Telecom and Xon Mobile, Telefonica Europe plc, Dutch Telecom among others (Hoovers, 2013). The net revenue of the company in the year 2012 was ?46.417Â  billion and the profit was ?6.957Â  billion. Furthermore, the total asset of the company as of 2012 was

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Persuasion Essay Example for Free

Persuasion Essay The criticism of His criticism In Jane Austens novel Persuasion. diction and subversive tone depict Austens disdain and disapproval towards the society. Sir Walter Elliot informs Anne and Mr. Shepherd about his irritation toward people who strive to rise above the society. He mentions how naval officer is a profession that transits man with obscure birth into undue distinction (Austen 14), and expresses his disgust towards the officers growing old in appearance sooner than any other man. Sir Walter declared, l was in company with two men Admiral Baldwin, the most deplorable looking personage you can imagine I never saw quite so wretched an example of what a seafaring life can do (Austen 14). Austen Implies the superficial nobllltles like Sir Walter Elliot who insist trivial matters such as appearance supplant other elements of a man. The diction includes deplorable and wretched, which illustrate Jane Austens perspective toward the members of upper class. She uses Sir Walters absurd contempt for the sailors to portray her contempt for the materialistic nobilities. hen Admiral Baldwin Is the example of a seafaring life can do, Austen portrays Sir Walter as one, too (Austen 14). She sets Sir Walter as the example of what an overindulged life can do to people; they do not understand the torment of toil and labor of the mind as they possess the authority and wealth (Austen 14). Therefore, Sir Walter Elliots negative diatribe on the navy conveys Intentions and feelings of Austen towards the peerage. As Sir Walter continues on his anecdote to denunciate the social workers whom do not adhere to what he values, he asserts, They are all nocked about, and exposed to every climate, and every weather, till they are not fit to be seem It Is a pity they are not knocked on the head once (Austen 14). Sir Walter who is on a highly acknowledged position would rather Judge an individual effortlessly through ones physical appearance than recognizing their true worth. Jane Austen has included irony to reveal her opinion to the Judgmental aristocrats; she gives pity to the society where the foolish upper class men obstinately relate peoples quality with ones appearance. While the workers were exposed to every climate and every weather, the prestigious aristocrats peacefully remained indoors with their luxurious benefits. Austen deprecates the society consisted of immoral nobilities; she believes the peerage Is a pity not knocked on the head once. She holds the opinion that the hollow nobility are not fit to be seen. In response to Sir Walters diatribe, Mrs. Clay begins off her return with a mild explanation of each profession and their loss of personableness on looks as they get devoted to the profession. It Is only the lot of those who are not obliged to follow any, who can live In a regular way o hold the blessings of health and a good appearance to the utmost: I know no other set of men but what lose something of their personableness when they cease to be quite young (Austen 15). Austen expresses her disagreement with Sir Walters shallow judgments through Mrs. Clays clarification on the relationship between toll and mans look In regard of natural effect of time. This strengthens Austens tone of disgust towards the wretched upper class; her attitude oward the members of the aristocracy is revealed through Mrs. Clays subtle to rise above their status by praising the nobility; Mrs. Clay attempts to place herself with the level of Sir Walter. Another ironic tone of Austen is depicted as Mrs. Clay mentions a life of living in a regular way. This is ironic due to a well known fact that the nobilities of high society live in an distinguished way compared to the people in middle classed society. Austen stresses on the essence of appearance for the peerage to signify her chastising tone of the society where pride and self-admiration re the prominent traits of the nobility. The prejudiced society where only the rank and superficial appearance signifies ones reputation and quality was well illustrated in the story of Persuasion to emphasize the insincerity of ignorant and shallow- minded aristocrats. Until the society today, people cannot escape illogical Judgments only based on the appearance or the social status of a person. Bibliography Austen, Jane. Persuasion. 2nd ed. Ed. Patricia Meyer Spacks. New York: W. W. W. Norton Company, New York, 2013. 14-15. Print.

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arab women :: essays research papers

For many generations, women vowed to give their all, and instead of receiving the equal treatment of love and appreciation, they were oppressed and degraded. In Egypt, a woman did not have the right to divorce herself; therefore, she had to put up with all the humiliation, mistreatment, unfairness, and inequality everyday. Today, women are celebrating the new law of â€Å"Khul’†, which gives the woman the right to divorce herself with or without her oppressor’s consent, but the question is: does the woman become really free? In our parents days, women had truly suffered extremely damaging marriages, being totally helpless and with no power. Some women tried to use their parents, others used the police, and some just accepted bad marriages as their fate. In the cases where the husband treats his wife aggressively by beating and causing injuries, the woman can provide evidence by police records and hospital certificates, but men always refute these evidence by saying that the wife caused these injuries herself. Thanks to the khul’ law women can finally move a step forward in gaining their rights, while moving closer to equality with men. However, we also see that many other factors still affect a woman’s decision of whether or not to get a divorce, and some consequences of freely taking this decision. In the Egyptian society, the marriage relationship is a very sacred one. It assembles between a man and a woman who are supposed to have common characteristics and their relation to be built on mutual understanding. Accordingly, almost all couples experience a happy and comfortable life in their earliest years of marriage. However, after they become accustomed to each other, the defects of each begin to appear and they may reach a point where they are unable to tolerate each other, let alone live and raise a family together. So, problems arise and lead to divorce. Yet, divorce is extremely problematic for women for several reasons. First, women’s families and the society do not accept divorce easily. Second, men have the right of divorce whenever they want. Third, according to the old divorce law, women used to face many problems in courts to obtain divorce. But according to the new law khul’, women will be able to obtain their freedom easily, and they will be able to f ace their families and society by the force of law and Islamic Shariaa.

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An analysis of the influence of technology on contemporary interior architecture Essay

The analysis of the articles is based on the influence of technology on interior architecture education and of employer’s expectations in the interior design industry. This also addresses the issues faced by interior designers in today’s world and how technology is hindering/fostering their creativity. Talking about the article on â€Å"Technology Changing the Face of the Modern Fit out†, it addresses a strong point of how the interior design industry was never considered as a crucial part of the industry and was dealt with a stereotype attitude that interior designers dealt only withthe part of â€Å"decorating† the space until technology gained importance. Technology has now given a 180-degree turn to the industry because of which the industry has finally started gaining the deserved recognition. The underlying point in the article â€Å" is technology hindering or fostering the creativity in interior design†, although is on similar lines like the above mentioned article about the positive aspects of technology, it also talks about the pitfall side of technology on the industry. Their argument is supported with an example cited of a professor from a state university of how although he accepts that the technology has given the students, the most innovative platform to communicate their design ideas, somewhere down the lane, the students who are the prospective interior designers are lacking the basic creative skills and hand drafting techniques. â€Å"Interior Designers’ Perceptions of the Influence †¨of Technology on Workplace Performance† article gives us a different perspective of the influence of technology and how it caters to the interior designers. The statement is supported by examples cited by employees from the industry who have been interviewed of how 2D and 3D software have enabled the designers to get their work done in reduced time in comparison to how it was in the past. It also talks about what the expectations of the employers from new hires are, which includes being efficient in 2D and 3D software which will enable them to be proficient in expressing their design ideas. The other side of the coin is that it is hindering the employers in certain ways. This point is well supported by examples they cite of how in case if the computer crashes the students are unable to come up with a hand made drawing ready for a meeting. The over dependence on the computer has led to this state where the new graduates are finding it tough to inculcate sketching and hand drafting although their competent computer skills enable them to complete a design project in no time. The articles that we have looked at firmly state that the influence of technology has its pros and cons. The use of technology has catered to designers in various ways in terms of the time factor, design output etc. But the basic thing we have to understand is every opportunity has both sides. So technology is definitely fostering the designers but having said that it is better that we don’t become over dependent on it that it hinders our creative and innovative skills of designing.

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Marketing Strategies Of Ford Motor Essay - 1513 Words

Marketing Ford Motor started to align its marketing strategies with the company s drive for the One Ford concept where it unites the different regional units to create common global products that share the parts, design, and engineering to promote a single Ford brand (Ford, 2013), In terms of marketing, Ford uses the conventional marketing channels and techniques including the following: advertising, personal selling, direct selling, sales promotions, public relations. Its advertising relies heavily on television and online advertisements as well as its agents in Ford dealerships. Through utilization mass media, different commercials are broadcasted in different regions and markets while sending a consistent message based on the promotion strategy. Promotions in the visual media like the internet and television have been a huge success along with promotions in print media like magazines and newspaper. The various vehicles have been exhibited at exhibitions, events and malls. Sales As for as the sales figures go for 2015, most of the sales distribution are in the United States(40%), with China next in line with (17.5%). European sales also make up about a quarter of the company s total sales (Corporate Ford, 2015). Ford Motor company reported revenue of about 10.8 Billion USD of pre-tax profit from the automotive sector. Most of the revenue comes from its North America sector (Corporate Ford, 2015). OM Critical Activities Managing Quality Managing qualityShow MoreRelatedMarketing Strategy of Ford Motors18943 Words   |  76 PagesChapter One: Introduction to Dissertation 1.1 Introduction Marketing is a lot like religion and most people have a strong belief that this belief is typically predicted on how they were raised rather than a formal study of religion belief. Marketing also has its share of agnostics as well as atheists – â€Å"I don’t believe Marketing exists†. Regardless of how marketing is viewed today, few questions are come up: Which can survive without the other? This is a litmus test in many situationsRead MoreMarketing Strategy of Ford Motor Company Essay1170 Words   |  5 PagesMarketing Strategy of Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company was built on superior products and that still exists today. They have an exceptional line of cars and trucks, which ranges from the Model-T to today’s Ford Focus and F-Series, the best selling car and truck in the world. Their current product line up is the strongest in their history and is still getting stronger. This year they added the new Ford Explorer, Thunderbird and Expedition in North America, Ford Fiesta in Europe, the new LincolnRead More Ford Motor Company Marketing Strategy Essay6259 Words   |  26 PagesFord Motor Company Marketing Strategy Ford Motor Company is one of the world’s largest producers of cars and trucks and one of the largest providers of automotive financial services marketing vehicles under the eight brands shown below. The Company is a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. During 2002, the company made 6.7 million vehicles and employed 328,000 people worldwide. Business partners include 25,000 dealers and more than 10,000 suppliers. Ford motor companyRead MoreFord Motor Company: Business Strategy for International Marketing3485 Words   |  14 Pagesï » ¿1. The four Ps of the marketing mix product, price, place and promotion - help to explain a companys approach to international markets (NetMBA, 2010). Ford Motor Company strikes a balance between standardization and customization in global markets, and treats the domestic market as a unique entity from world markets. The companys strategy in general is a cost leadership strategy, where Ford seeks to product the best quality cars at mainstream price points. Fords product lines in general consistRead MoreFord Motor Company1472 Words   |  6 PagesFord Motor Company: A Business Analysis Mary J. Richardson MGT 521 January 30, 2012 Erick Espinosa Developing sound strategic plans to address the changing business climate is crucial to organizations operating in today’s global environment. Throughout its history, Ford Motor Company has developed effective strategic plans to adapt the business to the changing economy while addressing the needs of their customers and employees. By analyzing the company’s strategic planning, along with itsRead MoreMarketing Project : Ford Motor Company1489 Words   |  6 PagesMarketing Project Part 1 Abstract The Ford Motor Company enlivened an assembling transformation with its large scale manufacturing sequential construction systems in the early 1900 s. Ford is one of world s most surely understood car brands, consumer’s top choices were vehicles like the Ford Mustang, and F-Series tucks. Ford Co. is known as one of the biggest auto organizations on the planet. Company Description Ford works as an auto and portability organization around the world. Ford’s mainRead MoreCase Study : Ford Truck Marketing Strategy1650 Words   |  7 PagesF150 Ford Truck Marketing Strategy Rugged, stylish, comfortable, economic, and most of all, dependable. The Ford F-150 is the pickup truck that changed the nation. From its very beginning, the Ford truck has taken care of its owner’s necessities from hauling hay to visiting family and friends. Since its inception, the Ford Motor Company (FMC) has earned the loyalty of its customers. Most of all, the ford pickup truck has earned the respect of farmers, families, and businessmen alike. How did theRead MoreFord Motor Company Swot Analysis Essay1549 Words   |  7 PagesFord Motor Company SWOT Analysis Introduction Ford Motors is an American based company that was founded over a century ago back in 1903. Ford Motors is one of the most leading automobile manufacturers in the world and according to Forbes the company was the seventh largest car manufacturer in 2014. Ford Motors largely deals in the manufacture of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and their production amounts to millions every year. Ford Motors operates around ninety manufacturing plantsRead MoreFord Motor Companys Movement1524 Words   |  7 Pages Ford Motor Company’s movement in a global market is the next frontier in the world of business; its overall objectives are clear and concise. However, the implementation, development, and execution strategy are complicated, consisting of many layers, with the proper performance one can only hope the end result is concise operations, established market share, and profitability. Our company will move forward with a strategy to out preform, produce, and provid e a competitive product in globalRead MoreFord Motor Company Swot1298 Words   |  6 Pages19 June 2011 Ford Motor Company: Over a Decade of Practice Makes Perfect The Ford Company has been a successful American owned auto industry since 1903. With Fords global marketing establishment, their great investments in alternative fuel sources and most importantly its commitment to diversity, community service and environmental responsibility served as a brilliant and strategic move on Ford Motors behalf. In his book The Ford Century, Russ Banham talked of the

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Kreon, Tragic Hero in Antigone Essay - 546 Words

In the play, Antigone, by Sophocles, there is a character, King Kreon, who is portrayed as the tragic hero, or protagonist. A tragic hero is the main character with tragic flaw, or a defect that leads to their downfall and the character is usually of high status. King Kreon would be considered the protagonist because he is opposed by an antagonist and is the main character in the play, he has the tragic flaws of stubbornness and too much self-pride, and these flaws are struck with bad luck. King Kreon is the tragic hero in Antigone because he is the main character and he is opposed by an antagonist, Antigone, who disobeys Kreon’s decree to not bury Polynices’ body. On page 22, Antigone says to Ismene, â€Å"He (Kreon) cannot keep me from my†¦show more content†¦Kreon and Antigone’s conflict definitely sets them as the protagonist and the antagonist. Kreon is also portrayed as the tragic hero because he has tragic flaws. Teiresias, the trusted future-t elling prophet, comes to Kreon to tell him that he is making a mistake. Even then, Kreon accuses him of being bribed and is too stubborn to compromise. Kreon is blinded by his pride and can’t see what is going to happen. On page 52, Haimon says to Kreon, â€Å"While I am with her, she will not die. And you, you will never see me again.† Haimon, Kreon’s own son and Antigone’s bridegroom, tries to save his father from misfortune. Kreon is too blinded and self-pride has become his adversary. Kreon’s tragic flaws eventually led to his inevitable downfall. Kreon’s tragic flaws were also unfortunately paired with bad-timing. â€Å"I’ve changed my mind. I did it and I’ll undo it,† is said by Kreon after he realizes that he and his family are in danger for the mistakes he has made. When Kreon finally changes his mind and tries to go tell his son that he will not execute Antigone, he finds Antigone dead, dead by her own hand, and Haimon turns on his father and tries to kill him. When Haimon fails at that, he turned the blade on himself. If Kreon would have realized his mistake a bit sooner, maybe even 10 minutes sooner, he would still have his wife, his son, and his son’s bride. Kreon’s wife killed herself after she heard the news.Show MoreRelatedThe Tragedy Of Antigone By William Shakespeare1001 Words   |  5 Pagesoften a gray area that goes unexplored. Antigone manages to venture into this gray area through a complicated conflict of values. Kreon, the ruler of Thebes, has declared the leader of a rebellion against the state must not be buried. This conflicts with the leaders’ sister, Antigone, as she feels compelled to bury him. This conflict of values was expressed by German philosopher Hegel when he said â€Å"At the center of Antigone we find not a tragic hero but a tragic collision. However, the conflict is notRead MoreThe Tragic Heroes Of Sophocles Oedipus Rex And Antigone E ssay2374 Words   |  10 PagesAncient Greece where fate and self-will were the main themes of the plays. Many plays displayed the tragic hero as a victim of their own fate while others blamed the heroes for their suffering. The plays Oedipus Rex and Antigone, written by Sophocles, display the themes defined by Aristotle. Are we the authors of our fate or is our fate written and destined to happen? In both plays, Oedipus and Antigone face their downfall because of self-will. They bring on their own doom because of their actionsRead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Sophocles Antigone1805 Words   |  8 Pagesfamous pieces of work is, Antigone. Written in 440 B.C in Athens, Greece, Sophocles uses this play to dramatize a series of events that unfolds when pride becomes more important than loyalty to family. Controversy still remains today of whom the tragic hero of Antigone is, but some scholars believe that Antigone herself is the tragic hero. Antigone goes past conventional expectations to stand up for her brother, Polyneikes. The decision to defy the orders of her Uncle, Kreon, proves her loyalty trueRead MoreThe Tragic Tragedy Of Antigone By Sophocles1440 Words   |  6 Pages Antigone The tragic play ‘Antigone’ by Sophocles is a tale that will forever project different interpretations and meanings, one no more accurate than the other. The play’s protagonist, Antigone, is typically always seen in an innocent aspect, and Creon is always seen as a villain due to the ongoing quarrel between the two. But, who is to say that either one is heroic or villainous? Sure, there are many admirable qualities that Antigone possesses, but she also shows that she is unwilling to changeRead MoreGreek Tragedy And The Morality Of Greek Culture Essay2193 Words   |  9 Pagestragedies show the main character, usually a god or person of myth, going through human suffering and the terrible sequence of events that followed; and were produced in 472- 401 BCE. In order for a play to be performed at The City Dionysia festival; tragic playwrights would first have to appeal to the state official that was organizing the festival by submitting ideas to him and his committee . The ideas submitted were outlines of main themes and points of interest to be performed in the play. If a playwrightRead MoreDoes the Outcome of the Antigone Suggest That Creon Was Wrong from the Start?2275 Words   |  10 Pages Sophocles Antigone is, at its simplest, a tragedy of conflict and misunderstandings. In the play, the laws of the gods are set up against the laws of man, and the two appear irreconcilable as the values are upheld by equally opposing characters, Creon and Antigone respectively. Indeed, Wilkins and Macleod decide that in Antigone `not only is there conflict, there is also a refusal even to recognise the others point of view (23). Thus Chorus significantly warn against the pursuit of extremes